Persian Sucker

October 28th to
November 8th, 2020

Persian Sucker is an exciting exhibition meant to provoke viewers; to have them question their sensibilities in today’s cultural climate. This exhibition will certainly be the start of a dialogue between the artists, through their work, and their communities here in Canada. The result will be a highly impactful demonstration of Canadian values, that encourages these communities to uphold the freedoms of these artists, and to speak up for their rights.

In this exhibition, we will reveal the footprints of the past as we explore the more contemporary issues they have lead us to, in an attempt to facilitate a manner of social change.

Persian Sucker, unapologetically confronts issues of female oppression, political injustice, and archaic values of conservative societies. In a wide range of media and approaches, viewers will peer into the lives of these artists, and their personal experience.

Like pieces of a puzzles, or the weaving of a tapestry, each of these curated pieces clearly show a thread of culture that has an undeniable impact on the daily lives of millions of individuals still living within their boarders. Persian Sucker tugs teasingly at that thread. Begging the audience to widen their gaze and engage in the discussion, to feel empowered to take an active role in supporting the artists of their old countries.