Hall of Mirrors

August 28 to September 26, 2021

What may the face reveal?

Hall of Mirrors is an intense, thought provoking exhibition featuring the works of Sepideh Sarlak and Nooshin Mobasseri. Each artist takes a unique approach to portraiture.

Historically, Iranian culture has mandated women to be as unseen as possible. Prior to the 1979 revolution, women had more options, and things were a little bit more relaxed. Over the past several decades, the grip has been tightening. Women are made to cover up even more, and disobedience is met with harsh punishment. What is even worse, after a woman’s passing from life, memorandums and obituaries that are published lack a physical representation of who they once were. Women are effectively being erased.

The same can be said for the victims of Ukrainian Flight PS752. Since the event, the Iranian government has been doing everything within their powers to silence the families, paying people not to speak, and even withholding information about the passengers, and the events leading up to the tragedy.

This Exhibition is dedicated to the countless victims of the Islamic Republic of Iran.