Zahra Yazdani

1986, Iran

Women’s bodies, and the perceived improprieties in regards to them, have always been the subject of much controversy, a subject Zahra Yazdani, a young, female, Iranian artist, is all to familiar with. The excessive restrictions placed upon women in Iran is a theme carried throughout her entire collection.

“There are two main subjects that I believe my whole way of image making has been built on, one is the concept of crime and sin which has been attached to me just by being a woman.”

Zahra also embraces the anonymity of the internet. She was the first generation in Iran to experienced social media. There was no internet filtering at the time, there was no surveillance, compared to the extreme forms of censorship they are endure now. The ability to connect to a huge number of other young people, and the luxury of being anonymous made the internet the perfect platform to unleash the restricted desires of her generation.